Acccessibility Widget > 1,000 Products/Pages

* One time charges may apply
Starting at: $249.95

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* One time charges may apply

Like the smaller site plan, this is a semiannual/annual/biannual fee plan and is less than other widgets that do not provide full language change and text-to-speech capability.

You can see the widget in action by clicking on the wheelchair icon in the lower-right corner.

If your site has more than 1,000 products/pages, this is the option for you. This is considerably less expensive than any other commercial plan out there.

You'll get a customized logo and/or you can use the logo and color of your choice. We can also set the widget to react to a link click versus the floating button.
If your e-commerce website uses Zen Cart, You receive a discount based on your plan when hosting on myZenCartHost.

NOTE: If your site results in less than 1,000 products/pages, you can use the smaller version.

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