Acccessibility Widget <= 1,000 Products/Pages

* One time charges may apply
Starting at: $149.95

Please Choose:

* One time charges may apply

This is a semiannual/annual/biannual fee plan and that is less than other widgets that do not provide full language change and readback.

You can see the widget in action by clicking on the wheelchair icon in the lower-right corner.

If your site has less than 1,000 products/pages, this is the option for you. This is considerably less expensive than any other commercial plan out there.

You'll get a customized logo and/or you can use the logo and color of your choice. We can also set the widget to react to a link click versus the floating button.

If your e-commerce website uses Zen Cart, You can also receive a discount based on your plan when hosting on myZenCartHost.

NOTE: If your site results in more than 1,000 products/pages, you will need the larger version.

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