Accessibility Widget - Free Trial

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You can see the widget in action by clicking on the wheelchair icon in the lower-right corner.

This is a 7-day, Free Trial of our ADA/WCAG widget. Before you spend big bucks on another company's product, check out what ours can do. One half the price of other commercial products but, just as powerful.  In fact, no other widget can display the site AND the widget in the customer's language.

Combined with correcting items in the detailed report, you can rest easy knowing folks can access your site as needed.  This widget is not a cure-all for accessibility BUT, it does provide enough options to get your site nearly perfect. If errors are harder to find, the lawyers will go for the low-lying fruit first.

This trial is fully functional but will expire after ten days. Plenty of time to kick the tires and light the fires.

After you tell us the URL and colors (HEXA, RGB, or RGBA) that you need.  We'll send an email with the code and directions for installation.

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